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Проверили жопу на прочность

Русской модельке потыкали в попу здоровенным членом.

biluyX 0 1794 9-02-2013, 02:48
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Иммигрантский вопрос

If you get on the radar of the Office of Emigration without having a green card, you are in a big problem. Exactly that has happened to the beautiful Sammia Duarte. Luckily she is a resourceful vixen who is willing to do anything to be able to stay in the country. She just need to find the right approach, and this time it is between Toby's legs.

biluyX 0 1230 13-01-2013, 18:57
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Солнышко и импотенты

Welcome back Bang Bus fans! Today we got a reverse bus featuring the ever popular Christy Mack. We go on the prowl for some regular guys and test if their claimed game is just a bunch of bullshit. In regards to the fellas we picked up, it looks to be all bark and no bite. From premature ejaculations to an affliction of thumb dick, will the men represent or fail? Watch and see! Enjoy.

biluyX 0 1915 9-01-2013, 21:19
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Солдатская шлюшка

They say women cannot resist to men in uniform. We are not sure about it, but Ashley surely has an appetite for sexy soldiers. She seduces the men-in-arms for a... gun check, so to say, and believe us, Ashley is the kind of girl who does a thorough examination, not forgetting to check any parts of it, their functionality included.

biluyX 0 1467 9-01-2013, 20:37
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Они всегда возвращаются

Dani is haunted by sweet memories of her late husband. She misses him, craves his body, dreams of him every night. When his brother shows up to go over the will with her, their resemblance is just too uncanny. Whoever he is, Dani just has to have him...

biluyX 0 1395 9-01-2013, 03:58
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Szilvia любит пытки

Some like it soft, some like it wild, and others, like Szilvia, likes it as rough as possible. To get fully satisfied, she really likes to spice up sex with a tiny bit of pain, humiliation and submission, because that turns her pussy really wet. No question, she made the right choice to come to Dominated Girls... she will get everything she needs and even more!

biluyX 0 1990 9-01-2013, 02:00
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Тощая стервоза предпочитает толстые члены

Тощенькая длинноногая шлюшка,как оказалось,предпочитает исключительно большие члены,да ещё очень уважает хороший анальный трах.В этот раз симпатяга решила размяться с двумя парнями.Хорошо хоть ребята с понятием оказались,хоть и драли в попку,но по одному,а тоб точно такой прелестный пердак разорвали.

biluyX 0 1829 20-12-2012, 22:55
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Я хочу свой массаж сейчас

Samantha is in major need of a massage, so when she walks in to the massage studio only to find out the system is down, she decides to get a massage anyway. The massage therapist isn't quite what he seems though.

biluyX 0 2224 15-10-2012, 23:08
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Фигуристая горничная"наказана" в анал

Строгий хозяин отымел красивую горничную за нерадивость в уборке...трахаться она умеет намного лучше,чем пыль стирать.

biluyX 0 3243 8-10-2012, 01:14
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Первое анальное приключение девушки по вызову

Keiran is a hot film producer whose decided to escape for a few days for some much needed peace and quiet. That is, until escort Jenni rings the wrong doorbell and won't leave until she's satisfied. Keiran doesn't disappoint as he works this working girl's ass all afternoon!

biluyX 0 1773 5-10-2012, 23:17
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Прекрасную девчушку разбудили, нежно оттрахав, двое незнакомцев

Очень красивая девчушка, сняв номер в гостинице, до поздна разговаривала со своим парнем по телефону и мастурбировала.

biluyX 0 2474 23-09-2012, 01:17
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Познай мою жопу

Who could say no to such an invitation? Mira Sunset tight, sweet asshole is the dream of countless men and a few women, but that is a VIP area not to be utilized by anyone. Kid was lucky enough though to get a special invitation to explore that dark, tempting cavity and he would have been a fool to say no!

biluyX 0 1499 23-09-2012, 01:15
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Док подлечите мое горло

Leilani claims that her throat feels constricted and she's having trouble breathing.

biluyX 0 1364 10-09-2012, 18:04
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